Thursday, June 18, 2009

Speaking English a Requirement for Motherhood?

Reunite Cirila Baltazar Cruz with her Baby
By Cindy Von Quednow, RaceWire (the ColorLines blog)

June 14, 2009

In Pascagoula, Mississippi, in November 2008, Cirila Baltazar Cruz gave birth to a baby girl. Soon after, her daughter was taken away from her because she could not communicate with the hospital attendants.

Far away from her native Oaxaca, Mexico, she did not understand the Puerto Rican interpreter assigned to her. Cirila speaks Chatino, an indigenous Mexican language spoken by about 50,000 people. A social worker called in by hospital authorities deemed the new mother negligent and unfit to raise the baby, stating as reasons that she was an “illegal immigrant” and that she did not speak English. [...]

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