Sunday, May 3, 2009

Raids, Rights, or Guest Workers? Two articles on immigration reform

Rights, Not Raids
by Bill Ong Hing & David Bacon, The Nation
April 29, 2009 (May 18, 2009 edition)

When the Obama administration reiterated recently that it will make an immigration reform proposal this year, hopes rose among millions of immigrant families for the "change we can believe in." That was followed by a new immigration position embraced by both the AFL-CIO and the Change to Win unions, rejecting the expansion of guest worker programs, which some unions had supported.

As it prepares a reform package, the administration should look seriously at why the deals created over the past several years failed, and consider alternatives. Beltway groups are again proposing employment visas for future (post-recession, presumably) labor shortages and continued imprisonment of the undocumented in detention centers, which they deem "necessary in some cases." Most disturbing, after years of the Bush raids, is the continued emphasis on enforcement against workers.

We need a reality check. [...]

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Obama, Labor Battle Looming on Immigration
by Daniel González and Dan Nowicki, The Arizona Republic

April 29, 2009

Twice under George W. Bush's administration, fierce objections to legalizing illegal immigrants killed comprehensive immigration reform.

Now, as the Obama administration prepares to tackle the divisive issue, battle lines are being drawn again, this time over how the United States lets foreign workers enter the country. [...]

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