Monday, March 3, 2008

Three Reports on Immigration Dialogues

The co-authors of The Politics of Immigration: Questions and Answers have been facilitating dialogues on immigration at various places around the country since the book's publication by Monthly Review Press in July 2007. Below are links to reports on some of these dialogues. For information on setting up a dialogue, write to:

North San Diego County Ready for Dialogue on Immigration
by Jane Guskin, MRZine
March 3, 2008

"While I didn't meet any Minutemen, I did meet many local residents who are eager to question the status quo."

Immigration Forum at Pace Law School Addresses How to Respond to Nationwide Anti-Immigrant Sentiment
By Leah Rae, The Journal News (Lower Hudson Valley)
November 29, 2007

Authors Mediate Immigration Q & A Forum
By Melissa Traynor, The Recorder (Central Connecticut State University)
February 20, 2008

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