Saturday, July 28, 2007

TODAY Saturday July 28, 2007, in Montclair, NJ

Saturday, July 28, 2007, 2:30 pm

"Dialogue on the Politics of Immigration"

Moderated by Greg Pason of Residents Against Racism.

At Montclair Public Library Auditorium
50 South Fullerton Ave
Montclair, NJ

Free and open to the public

Sponsored by Residents Against Racism-New Jersey
For more information and directions, call Greg Pason at
201-803-7574, write RAR at or

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Questions and Answers
by Jane Guskin and David Wilson

"We desperately need to put aside false information about
immigrants, to see them as we see ourselves with honesty and
compassion. This book gives powerful meaning to the slogan 'No
Human Being is Illegal.' I hope it will be widely read."

- Howard Zinn, author of A People's History of the United States

Join us for a participatory dialogue on immigration, with the authors of the
newly released book from Monthly Review Press, "The Politics of Immigration:
Questions and Answers," Jane Guskin and David Wilson.

The dialogues aim to encourage a deeper and broader look at the realities
and causes of immigration, and to discuss possible courses of action.

Have you heard an anti-immigrant argument that you feel is wrong, but need
the facts to contest? (For example: "Immigrants are a drain on social
services.") Do you have your own fear or concern about the issue? (For
example: "Are the lowest-paid US-born workers really hurt by immigration?")
Bring these arguments and concerns to the dialogue, and we'll work together
to develop responses using facts, rational reasoning and personal experiences.

"The Politics of Immigration: Questions and Answers" will be available for
purchase at both events, signed by the authors, at a discounted price of
$10. David Wilson and Jane Guskin have been co-editors since 1990 of Weekly
News Update on the Americas, a weekly bulletin covering news from Latin
America. Guskin also edits Immigration News Briefs. Both have been active
for over a decade in support of the immigrant rights and workers' justice

For more information, write the authors at

To order the book, call
800-670-9499 or visit:

"As the immigrant rights movement grows in size and energy, we
need quick facts and deep history. This book gives us both."

- Aarti Shahani, co-director, Families for Freedom

"Guskin and Wilson have identified the hot-button points in the
national immigration debate, and have set out to undo the
stereotypes, misinformation and prejudice that paralyze rational
thought on the subject. This book is a great reality check, a
good teaching tool, and a powerful weapon against racism."

- David Bacon, author of Communities Without Borders: Images and
Voices from the World of Migration

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